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Join Journey on the path to freedom in this dramatic, tear-jerking, yet funny roller-coaster ride that beautifully demonstrates how to:

  • Change the direction of your thoughts and your life.
  • Use the power of your pain to discover and serve your life’s purpose.
  • Eliminate toxic relationships and self-sabotaging behavior patterns.

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Cherie Esteves: A Creole Peach Seeking Tranquillity Through Spirituality & Personal Growth

  headshot In the past when someone would ask me to describe myself it was always a struggle for me, because I know that I’m somewhat of a quirky character. So I came up with a term to describe myself that I felt was short, and to the point. I call myself a “Creole Peach”. This term describes me perfectly, because with just two words, if closely dissected, you can learn quite a bit about me. For instance, I was born and raised in New Orleans, so I have been formed from and deeply rooted in the rich, diverse culture that makes New Orleans such an intriguing city. But I moved to Atlanta in 1989, and with the exception of living briefly in Alabama, I have lived here ever since. The term “Creole Peach” can also be a synonym for my personality, as well as my writing style. Since I was born and raised in the south, like a peach, I definitely err more on the side of soft and sweet, but also like the peppery flavor that New Orleans is famous for, I can be a bit spicy though, especially in those areas that I am deeply passionate about. At the top of my list of topics that inspire my passions are God, family, friends and women issues, and the many challenges that are unique to women in general. Women are the cornerstone and the anchor of the universe, everything birthed into this world must come through a woman. As mothers, we have the first opportunity to demonstrate for our children, both male and female alike, the positive effects that the strength of love can have on the world. Other than the Agape love that God has for us, there is no stronger love that exists. But sadly, I feel that we as women have somehow forgotten how awesome and powerful we are, and so my message and my fondest wish is that we return to our divine nature. Unfortunately, you can’t give away something you don’t possess, and there are so many women that have never been able to give love, because they themselves have never received it. I know this first hand, so we must heal before we can influence others on a positive level. As they say, “Hurt people, hurt people.” So a major part of my personal mission is to help women and children heal who have suffered as the result of living in environments of physical, mental, verbal or emotional abuse, whether voluntarily or against their will. I am particularly intense when it comes to the areas of rape, domestic violence, and sexual servitude. Millions of women and children have been forced into sexual slavery through the sex trafficking industry, not just abroad or in some remote country, but right here, up under our noses, in every town and city in the United States. These women and children, both male and female, have no choice, because they have no voice, every day they are bought and sold against their will. And since they are without voices, I boisterously come to their defense. My hope is use the sword of both the written and spoken word to shed light and to bring awareness to their plight. I unapologetically speak out in candor about this horrific crime against humanity, because like a fungus, evil flourishes and grows best in the dark. I wholeheartedly agree with Edmund Burke when he said, “All it takes for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing.” I believe that I should utilize every platform given to me, to speak out about the many inconvenient truths that have been swept underneath the rug for too long. The only cure to our ambivalence is to expose those insidious issues that are eating away at each of us, our families and society as a whole. But if I had to summarize my personal mission statement, I would have to say that it is simply to love God, and to then prove that love by loving and treating my neighbors as I would myself. And secondly, to use whatever gifts, talents and influence God has given me to effectuate a positive change in the world around me. But it doesn’t stop there, I also believe that even as we rise higher, we should continue to reach back and help another to co-rise and to discover their full potential, so that they will in turn reach back to grab the hand of someone else in need and then teach them to do the same.

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